Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Hi people, how's your school days? Is it awesome or nah? Well, mine.. quite good. I kinda can adapt with my new class even though sometimes I complain it again. My classmates are totally different with me...... So, here's a thing. You could say I'm the loudest person when you meet me. Because I can't stop talking and making noises. Also my friends say, I'm the funniest person because of my Sundanese-accent which is stick with me every time I told stories to them. Which is why, they can't stop laughing when I irritated or complaining something with Sundanese. Well, I can say... Maybe that's my specialty in everyone's eyes.

Anyway, I kinda ashamed with my classmates because, hmm yesterday, my math teacher wasn't come because he had to go to Riau. Then, he gave us task to do then should collect it after Ied Fitr holiday. He gave us for about 40 questions of math to do. Because of that, I thought 'Meh this is for holiday, right? Gotta do it on holiday.' Then I chatted with my three best friends. But then, when I looked around my class, they did the task. And I'm like... Okay, so.. I made noises with my friends while my classmates did the homework for holiday. So ashamed, you know. It's totally different from what I experienced when I was in 10th grade. You know, when I was in 10th grade, when teacher gave us task, my classmates DIDN'T do it. We played all along the free time. Oh, my.. I felt like I really don't deserve in this class because I'm a very LAZY person you know. I only did a task when I wanted to. Just, ah really... See, I'm the laziest person, right?

My school problems are so weird, right? I'm lazy but people around me are sooooooooo diligent.

And anyway yesterday I was happy too because I could talk with my boyfie after school which is boosting my mood.


Oh, and anyway.. Gah, today is the first day I studied Biology with that new curriculum which labelled as 'student-centered curriculum' so, at first, my teacher made a game which we're gonna mixed up with my another classmates to make a group, well maybe her purpose is making student more socialize with each other. So, I'm in a group that contains with two person that have a very brilliant brain. And finally I could socialize with new friends too. My teacher gave us some kind of worksheet about cell. There's a lot of blanks that we must fill it. We can search the answer on the book. But..... There's so many things which not included in text book. And..... I think.. From now.. I must study with my lovely PC to find everything which not included in my text book. Well, I know this is very disturbing and yeah... complicated. Because once I touched my PC, I can't stop to use it. I may spend my study time-with-pc by opened social networks, opened my fav website or... Writing on my blog. Really different from last year's curriculum because everything I need was included on the text book.

Huh, so many things that I complained, right? That's school. I wish I could still survive tomorrow. And not feel sleepy again because today I was very sleepy you know!

Gotta go, a lot of things to do.


Friday, 11 July 2014

hehe, this is about you.

you colored up my day
you bring happiness
even though you made me irritated because of your harsh attitude
but i still love you.
you make me feel like, i'm the luckiest girl in this world to having you
you make me feel so special in your eyes
you make me feel like i'm a girl. more than just an ordinary girl.
your hot and your cold, even though sometimes i can't take it, but, i try to be patience
even though you can be very considerate, but sometimes you can be like 'i don't care'
when i feel down, you can make me feel up again, beside my best friends.
you can be the funniest person
or you can be the scariest person... when you can't control your anger
i believe in you
even though sometimes negative-thinking-habit comes up
i love you
you tell me that you really love me
i love you more
i wish i could stay with you
you tell me to stay with you forever
i wish i could stay with you on my entire life. for now, or later
dude, i never been so in love like this. even though we have a little fight just because a little mistake, but, little fight taught me to be more mature, how to respect each other, etc. just... pretend like little fight is a lesson for both of us, don't take it too serious..... well, i hope so.

i love you. so much.

Hi, people. We met again.

Hi, people. Long time not update my blog like for about 3 months? lol, sorry. May-June were so busy months.. Then in the end of June, my internet was down so I couldn't open my blog and update it. Ergh internet connection is really bad these days. Anyway, my last post. About my trip to Cililin, right? So sorry I can't continue the story because too lazy to type it muahahahahahah. Well, I'm gonna post it again someday....

So, yesterday was the first day of school. Now I'm in 11 grade of high school. It's getting closer to the college ya know! I must be more diligent, more effort, and of course, let go of that laziness-- bahahahah even though I know, I wouldn't let go that bad habit of me.

Hmm, so here's a thing. I kinda feel uncomfortable with my new class. I'm in 11-2, yea. 2. Which means, in my school, number 2 means that class is such.. a very special class? Why do I call that? Karena, dari pengamatan gue, kelas 11-2 itu isinya anak-anak yang ranking nya 1-5 di kelasnya dan yang punya rata-rata nilai rapor kelas 10 nya diatas 80. Well, I'm one of it. Jadi, gue... Masuk kelas unggulan itu. Awalnya gue stres banget pas gue tau gue masuk kelas unggulan. Ya, lu bayangin aja. Gue, yang segini males banget buat belajar tau-tau gue mesti ketemu sama orang yang punya kemampuan otak yang diatas gue. It's obviously, I feel like... I don't deserve to be there. I feel like I want to go out from there. Take me out of there. Menurut gue, di kelas ini, orang-orang di dalemnya pasti punya ambisi yang sama: ngejar jalur undangan, dapet nilai bagus, bertahan di si kelas yang punya embel-embel unggulan itu. Ketika hari pertama gue belajar, itu pelajaran Biologi dan guru absen tiap anak satu-satu sambil ia bertanya "Dari kelas 10 apa? Rencana kuliah mau dimana?" dan, hasilnya, sebagian besar anak di kelas gue itu jawab "Kedokteran." Cuma gue sama temen gue satu orang doang yang jawab "Psikologi." Kebayang, kan, sebagian besar milih Kedokteran, pastinya mereka bakal berlomba-lomba buat ngeraih nilai semaksimal mungkin buat dapetin si jalur undangan masuk Kedokteran itu.

Kasarnya, gue minder masuk kelas unggulan. Iya, gue minder. Dulu gue pernah masuk semacam kelas unggulan gini pas kelas 9A. Gue ngerasa ya gue ga pantes buat masuk kelas unggulan itu. Kenapa? Menurut gue, anak-anak dikelas unggulan itu macem-macem tapi tujuan mereka ya sama. Cuma, ada orang yang bener-bener ambisi mau dapet nilai bagus dan sampai-sampai dia punya sifat perfeksionis yang menurut gue udah kelebihan. Ada anak yang terlalu rajin. Ada juga anak yang biasa-biasa aja, ya kayak gue ini. Sama hal nya kaya gue di kelas 11-2 ini. Gue termasuk anak yang biasa-biasa aja menurut gue. Untung nya doang gue ikut-ikutan jadi rajin aja gara-gara gaul sama temen sekelas gue. Ya cuma gue agak gak nyaman dan gak suka aja soalnya gue anaknya terlalu woles, dan bener-bener cuek tentang sekolah. Sedangkan temen-temen gue tuh rajin, kerajinan malah.

Kenapa gue bilang kayak gini? Soalnya, pas kelas 10 gue masuk kelas yang isinya menurut gue adil, lah. Ada yang emang pinter, rajin, biasa aja, sampai yang bener-bener woles dan tenang. Istilah gue sih, slow but sure. Gue seneng banget di kelas 10 gue itu. Gue bisa rada tenang sedikit soalnya lingkungan gue nya juga gak menekan gue buat berlomba-lomba untuk nilai bagus. Kalo nilai jelek, ya gue punya temen senasib. You'll never remedial alone. Tapi kalau di kelas unggulan, remedial tuh kayanya serasa akhir dunia soalnya malu, kan, temen sekelas lu nilai nya diatas lu sedangkan lu nilai nya jauh dibawah mereka. Itu salah satu hal yang gue takutin.

Gue gak tau mesti seneng apa kagak. Gue lagi berusaha betah sama kelas gue ini. Gue lagi berusaha berjalan di on track gue sendiri untuk survive di kelas ini.

Semoga aja seiring jalannya waktu, gue bisa kebiasa sama kelas tipe beginian lagi sampe satu tahun kedepan. I hope so.


Friday, 11 April 2014

Duemila Sedici: Trip to Cililin 2014 - Day 1, 17th March 2014.

hi hi people!! how's your day? mine? awesome :p well, not too monochrome like past eheh because now there's someone who just came into my life :D you know what it means.... hahah never mind. yeaaa the point is, i think now i'm feeling better since i know him ok. ok :p

anyway.... i promised to give you a report about my field trip, right? well, here it is. hmm i'm gonna tell it with my mother language :P yeah, indonesian or maybe i'm gonna use english a little bit. here it is :

jadi... 3 minggu yang lalu, sekolah gue ada acara namanya Field Trip. nah, tujuannya sekarang itu ke desa wangunsari, cililin yang tepatnya ada di kabupaten bandung barat. disana, gue bakal stay 3 hari bareng ayah sama ibu angkat dari sana. dan gue feel like locals in there :p di hari pertama ini diawali dengan.... gue siap-siap dari jam setengah 4 subuh kalau ga salah. sebelumnya dari jauh-jauh hari, sama ka winny, fasilitator kelompok gue udah ingetin buat dateng ke sekolah pokonya sampe sana harus jam setengah 6 atau ga kalo lebih bagus, lebih baik dateng jam 5 juga. tapi yah ortu gue sih, break the rules, sekitar jam setengah 6 gue baru sampai di sekolah. ternyata pas gue sampe sekolah, udah penuh aja. temen-temen gue udah nunggu di deket pos satpam sekolah gue. dan gue liat ke sekitar gue, bawaan mereka banyak banget. dan gue bingung sendiri, apa cuma gue disini yang bawaannya dikit dan tas gue kayanya ringan? fyi, gue cuma bawa baju 5 atau 6 baju sama pasangannya (you know what i mean) dan itu ada di dalem satu tas baju dan tas ransel gue isinya cuma sleeping bag, alat-alat penting lainnya, sama makanan doang. sampe temen gue yang liat bawaan gue cuma segitu dibilang 'lit, bawaan lu kaya banyak tapi kok pinter ngepack nya sih' ya jujur aja, gue orang nya suka yang fleksibel dan cepet jadi ya gue packing nya dibantuin ibu gue, dan alhamdulilah gue gak merasa berat tuh dengan bawaan segitu. nah, abis kumpul bareng temen-temen gue, akhirnya gue sama temen-temen gue menuju bis yang tepatnya ada di jalan samping sekolah gue. ya ga jauh-jauh amat, lah. ortu gue bantuin gue bawa tas baju gue dan jalan bareng gue, nemenin gue.

gue sama temen gue nyari-nyari nama kita di daftar nama bis. gue sama temen-temen gue yang bisa dibilang kaya batalyon mau perang... yah jadi ceritanya, karena dulu sempet ada ngerombak bis, gue langsung tulis nama temen-temen kelas gue yang jumlah nya lebih dari 10 orang kalo gak salah, alhasil, di bis 2, bis yang gue tumpangin sampe cililin dan sebaliknya, dipenuhin sama anak-anak x3, kelas gue tercinta.

daaan, gue sama mine, udah booking tempat duduk paling belakang. yang cowo, kayak wisnu, kevin dimas, kresna duduk di belakang. yang cewe.. di bangku yang seat nya 3 sama 2. gue sih pasti sama mine. terus depan gue ada sekar, irin, alifa. sebelah seat gue ada ale sama ghina, depan mereka ada nadine, terus, bangku sebelah nadine ada chacha sama widhiya. surely, we rule the backseat :p andddd of course, we're the most noisy passenger in that bus, lol.

kita berangkat jam setengah 7. ngaret banget dari jadwal aslinya, yang berangkat dari bandung jam 6, but no, it wasn't. yah, sepanjang jalan sih gitu-gitu aja, paling yang cowo-cowo kelas lain yang duduk di depan rada ripuh malah pindah ke belakang buat main bareng cowo-cowo x3 yang duduk di belakang. well, anyway here are the pics while we're on bus :D


a-very-x3-moodbooster-trio: wisnu, dimas, kevin

yea its me :|

setelah menempuh perjalanan kurang lebih 3 atau 4 jam, gue lupa, soalnya gue sambil nutup mata dikit-dikit sih, akhirnya nyampe juga. tapiiii, ternyata, perjalanan kita masih jauh. kita harus naik pick up buat nyampe ke desa nya. daaaaan this is the first time in forever gue naik mobil bak terbuka, no safety. cuma duduk aja dipinggir mobil bak. rasanya tuuuuh kaya naik roller coaster dan medan jalan buat menuju desa itu tuh gilaaaaaaak abis. ada yang nanjak lah, turun nya terjal banget, berbatu, bikin pantat gue sakit intinya. nah, ini nih gue abadiin di suatu video instagram gue:

yah kan, liat tuh, ribet banget kita hahahahaha. kurang lebih kaya gitu suasana pas lagi naik pick up. IT WAS CRAYYYYYYZEEEEH!!! nah abis naik pick up, akhirnya nyampe juga di desa wangunsari!!! huft after 30 minutes di ujung tanduk pick up...

we took our belongings dan ka winny langsung nunjukin rumah kita dimana, untungnya, rumah kita gak jauh amat dari tempat pick up tadi berhenti. yah, alhamdulillah kita beruntung banget dapet rumah yang pas di deket spanduk 'Trip to Cililin 2K14'. nah, housemate gue ada... ale, mine, alifa, sekar, dan ghina. habis turun dari pick up, kita langsung masuk ke rumah yang bakal kita stay, dan ternyata nama ibu angkat kita namanya ibu martiani dan bapak utay. pas kita nyampe sana, bu martiani lagi ngasuh cucu nya, namanya de rapi. setelah kenalan sama bu martiani, kita beresin barang bawaan kita ke kamar yang udah disediain. terus sempet ada kabar dari ka winny kalau kita bakal ke Curug Gawang jam 3 sore, tapi ternyata, cuaca berkata lain... dan turun lah hujan. Anyway, pas lagi hujan itu kita beli baso yang lewat. sure, we can't contain our excitement pas tukang baso lewat. we surely love bakso SO MUCH. di hari pertama sih no such a thing happened, karena seharian hujan, dari kita nyampe sampai malem. but we took some pics waktu sebelum hujan... oh but anyway before that, the boys sempet mampir ke rumah kita dan bawa temen-temen baru! here it is:

hanging out with a kid from the village :P

me with that NO word tee. beside me: alifa-jasmine-alesya-ghina and in front: sekar

malamnyaaa kita diskusi buat bikin semacam laporan gitu. yah repot banget deh pokonya, ada aja sih perbedaan pendapat tapi akhirnyaaa yah jadi juga laporannya walaupun selesainya agak mepet.

well, for me nothing happened on day 1 karena hujan kita jadi gak bisa kemana-mana and all we had to do was just stay at home. anyway last pic on this post:

groupie ;)


daaan sebagai akhir penutup report day 1, the boys left our house about 8.30pm. abis itu kita solat, makan malem, and...... sleep.

okay that's all for day 1, anyway i'll be back soon for field trip report day 2.

yours truly,
lita :)

Sunday, 16 March 2014


Hi, people! Ah long time not update on my blog :p how's your life anyway? Mine? Well, still monochrome, I think. Lol. It's been 3 months I'm not posting here, eh? Yeah, high school makes me busy all day. I don't expect it will be like this cuz there's some people say that high school is a precious time on your life but I think no. It's not. Or maybe because I just haven't feel it, maybe. Kinda confuse what to write here. My life story in past 3 months? Hmm good idea, I think. Okay so here's the timeline of my life from January 2014.

January, 2014.

So, this is only a synopsis of my life story. Lol, you think your life is a movie? It could be, and I think I have to put a soundtrack on my life story :p if my life in January was a movie, I will titled it: Just a Feeling. Why? Because.....

In this month, I kinda stepped back and stop chasing him. The reason is... I just can't survive with his respond to me and I thought he could be not even feel the same like I did to him. After I realized maybe he didn't like me or maybe I just make him feel uncomfortable, I finally stopped my conversation with him. I remembered, my last chat with him on LINE was in 31 January 2014.  Then, for about 1 week, I don't have any crush. But, week after that, I kinda had a crush with my own best friend (maybe?) so, I have a group chat on LINE the group contains 3 members: me, my friend and my crush. Lol. I had a conversation with him in personally from 25 January 2014. I felt like maybe he's good for me. Then, I frequently send a message to him. January was a busy month for me, especially on the third week, because it was a week full of tests, quizzes, and assignments so I had to work hard in that week.

February, 2014.

Ah, I kinda hate this month. Not because I'm being single for Valentine's Day. It's just... idk this month makes me want to blame people, scream, and anything. This is very stressful month. For me. On the first until the second week of this month, my heart was very colorful. Why? Because my new crush also frequently send me a message. And we had a looooong conversation in one day. You know what makes this conversation went long? It's because he replied me.... very very late. But it doesn't matter, though, as long as he started the conversation first and he also the one who continued the conversation, it was just soooooo fine. Lol. But, this is a twist in my story: so I heard that my crush had a conversation with another girl that he met on the basketball competition. And suddenly..... Yeah, I'm falling tooo pieeeeeeeces. Not really, lol. Yea I kinda shocked with that. Idk just why. Then also I heard that my crush is having a dangerous-self-confidence (read: always thought that he's the most handsome boy in the class) so I kinda ugh to him then I stepped back. AGAIN. And done. It's all over. 

The good news, well not good news actually, so, my old crush (what?) kinda in love with someone from another class, I heard he had a conversation with that girl, but some people said, that girl gives not really a good respond. It makes me think back. Well, he always give me a not-really-good respond too. Is this called as karma? He finally felt what I felt when I was approaching him. He gave me a very bad respond, he's so cold, and I think he just don't want to have a conversation with me. But then I heard, that girl also being like that to him. So, yeah. Karma karma karma is looking for you, what you gonna do if its looking for you?

Then, again. My third and fourth week of this month.... WAS VERY BUSY. Tests, quizzes, assignments, and more. But there's something I just can't wait any longer: FIELD TRIP! Field trip is on 17 March but still, the feel when you wait for something.... it came just one month before the main event.

March 2014

Actually it's still third week of the month but there's some thing that I want to tell. Still, on the first week we kinda relaxed, no busy or hectic days in this week. BUT THE WEEK AFTER THAT.... I feel like I just entered into the hell. The second week, a.k.a the week before Field Trip, filled by 2 tests in 1 day. So, if we have 5 days in school, and on that day it filled by 2 tests, so, I had about 10 tests last week. I just want to die when I saw my class-agenda. But thanks to Allah, that week, finally OVER. So many pressures from anywhere. Also, in this week I quite enjoy with my days without thinking about someone, because honestly, I don't have any crush again since I knew that my new crush is had a conversation with that girl. It doesn't matter my friends said that I'm a single, or else... I don't care though, hahaha being single is not that bad. Trust me. It's fun. You can have soooo many friends, and I'm very thankful to my friends who cares about me, and I care about my friends too. So, yeah, we care each other. 

The good news, again. Now, me and my old crush can talk each other, um, smoothly? Lol, just not like when I was still have a crush on him, it was just very awkward. But now? I talked to him like there isn't anything happened in the past. Yes, we're now being good friends. I just love it. It's just my conversation with him when we talked.... is flowing. We talked anything. But, idk, there was one day that he asked me to use my phone, then I said 'yes you can' he looks like curious about my phone :/ hmmm idk but yeah yeah it doesn't matter. Well, I just can't describe this part of story. Later, maybe. And.... the second good news, maybe. Is... I heard that my new crush is no longer having a conversation with that girl. Okay, I thought this would be a karma, again. Why? Because, he made me feel hurt with his attitude. And, I heard, that girl was giving a bad response to him too. Is this karma again?

Okay, last part. TOMORROW: FIELD TRIP 2014!! WOOOO CAN'T WAIT! 

just can't wait

i don't expect anything when i arrive there tomorrow :p i just want to enjoy the trip!!!

hmmmm maybe this only i can tell you sorry for shorten the story lol because i just can't tell it too deep -_- haha, well see ya in another post. whooop anyway i will update my blog with my field trip report soon :p


Tuesday, 17 December 2013

From "Thank You", Meeting Friends, Knowing the Truth, and The Conclusion.

Just updated my lovely blog and I kinda surprised because this blog has reached 1,000 views! I'm so happy! Even though I don't know are you guys really read my blog carefully or not. lol.


I'm going to tell you what's going on today.

Jadi hari ini banyak banget kejadian. Gak kejadian sih, ya seneng-seneng aja walaupun di akhir gue rada-rada rungsing kumaha gitu. Ya udah. Curhat dulu.

Hari ini, gue mulai hari dengan sarapan sehat. Kenapa dibilang sehat? Jadi selama ini sarapan lo ga sehat? Gak gitu. Jadi kemaren gue baru belanja bulanan. Biasanya gue ga pernah diajak belanja bulanan. Dan kebetulan gue diajak belanja bulanan. Dasar anak rumahan. Gue tumben-tumbenan aja kemaren beli sereal. Oh ya gue sekarang udah gaya punya holiday to-do list. ceileh. Jadi holiday to-do list gue salah satunya nurunin berat badan. Kenapa nurunin berat badan? Entah kenapa gue berkeinginan buat punya kaki skinny kaya model-model gitudeh. Terus gue ngerasa kalo gue ngaca, badan gue keliatan buntet gimana gitu kan jelek. Pantes jomblo. Shut up. Nah gara-gara itu, akhirnya gue commit ke diri sendiri kalo pokonya liburan ini gue mesti start a day with healthy breakfast dan gue ngatur pola makan gue. Sekarang gue lagi demen banget sama yang namanya sereal Fruit Loops. Enak dah rasanya, apalagi kalo udah kecampur sama susu, susu nya jadi rasa buah-buahan gitu. Beres sarapan, gue lagi asik-asik main hp tiba-tiba gue diusir suruh keluar kamar gue. Tiba-tiba ibu gue udah bawa tukang cat aja. Gue yang lagi main hp langsung bolohok ngeliatin barang-barang gue di pindahin.... Terus gue masih aja main hp sambil ngecas di deket ruang tamu.

Gue main hp bukan sekedar main Pokopang or else... Gue lagi bahas rencana ketemuan sama temen-temen kesayangan gue. Dan isi chat gue tuh macam

Gue: Iya, entar urg ka ditu jam set 10
Temen gue: Okeyyy

Beberapa menit kemudian, gue liat jam dan waktu udah nunjukin setengah 9. Gue baru sadar kalau gue sekarang ada di ruang tengah dan gue liat kamar gue lagi di bongkar mau di cat, dan gue bingung: Gimana gue mau ngambil baju lah kamar gue udah di bongkar gitu.

Emang kok, gue orang nya susah peka sama sekitar. Pantes si bebeb ga peka-peka sama gue. Ibu gue apalagi, udah kesel kalau gua ga peka ga dengerin perintah nya. Ya kayaknya bebeb gue ga peka-peka sama gue gara-gara gue juga ga peka sama ibu gue kali yah. Sementara gue chat di group temen-temen kesayangan gue, hayoh aja gue bilang 'kalem ini mau mandi' padahal gue sendiri belom beranjak dari tempat duduk. Ketahuilah wahai teman, pasti kalian pernah kan ngebohong 'gue lagi....' padahal lu masih duduk manis di tempat lu berada. Terus gue bingung mau ngambil baju gimana, akhirnya pas tukang cat lagi ngadep tembok, gue ambil semua amunisi gue, I mean, baju-baju gue beserta tetek bengek nya you know what I mean. Gue mandi cepet-cepet. Pake sabun kok, tenang aja. Terus udah pake baju segala macem, gue siap buat pergi terus gue pamitan sama ibu.

Oh, gue lupa. Jadi ceritanya, gue punya rencana ketemuan bareng temen-temen SMP gue. Kita itu bikin semacam perkumpulan di LINE dengan nama 'inyong becanda' gatau deh tuh kenapa namanya inyong, tapi menurut kita it sounds hilarious. Disini, isinya ada 4 orang. Dulu itu kita ber-4 satu kelas pas kelas 8. Terus entah kenapa kita ber-4 tuh cuco' banget, pokonya cocok deh, dan susah dipisahin. Terus pas kelas 9, kita pisah kelas tapi entah kenapa kita ber-4 masih lengket aja. Oke deh, gue kenalin aja ya siapa aja sih orang-orang nya. Ada temen gue namanya Yasmin. Dia itu semacam soul-sister gue deh. Kalo ngomong sama dia ujung na moal baleg. Kenapa moal baleg? Soalnya pasti ujungnya juga bakal becanda lagi... Tapi kalau diajak curhat paling dabes nih, dia tuh entah kenapa punya pandangan yang apa yah.. Lain deh kalau diajak curhat. Tapi sayang nya dia beda sekolah bareng 2 temen gue yang lain ini. Nah, ini ada temen gue namanya Hanifa, biasa dipanggil Ming-ming, dari SD nih anak udah dipanggil pake code name itu. Inget gak sih lo kartun Wonder Pets yang sempet warnain hari libur lo di channel nasional kesayangan lo? Kalau Hanifa, dia itu udah soulmate gue dari SD, even though kita pernah jauhan tapi pas kelas 8, itu puncak-puncaknya dan sampe sekarang, dia masih jadi belahan jiwa gue. Terakhir, temen gue namanya Annisa, biasa dipanggil Ica, dulu dia sempet satu SD sama gue di Al Azhar, tapi gue pindah ke Taruna Bakti, dan ternyata dia juga pindah ke SD lain. Terus gue ketemu dia lagi di SMP.. Dan sekarang juga di SMA gue ketemu lagi. 

Balik ke cerita, jadi kita ngerencanain ini gara-gara kangen sama kebiasaan SMP dulu kalau pulang sekolah pasti mampir dulu ke Mc Donald's di salah satu mall terkenal di Bandung. Disitu sih kegiatannya standar: gibah. Loh gibah ko di bilang standar? Sebenernya overall bukan gibah sih, lebih ke curhat. Pokoknya kalo udah nongkrong disitu tuh bawaannya pengen keluarin semua unek-unek hidup lo deh. Tapi kebanyakan banyak kejadian unexpected di McD. Pasti aja ada tawa-tawa ngakak keluar dari mulut kita ber-4. Tadi tuh cerita-cerita nya seputar kehidupan SMA lah, tapi kebanyakan kita ketawa-ketawa lagi. And... We took some photos!

formasi atas sama bawah sama kok. dari kiri-kanan: yasmin, ica, ming-ming, gue.

Terus setelah acara kumpul-kumpul bareng kesayangan gue... My adventure today continues to...

School's Sport Week!!

Yah, siapa sih yang enggak tau, pasti aja habis selesai ujian ada deh yang namanya PORAK. Kegiatan antar kelas dimana bagi cowo-cowo bisa jadi ajang unjuk giginya... Bagi yang jomblo bisa ajang modus ke sasaran, atau mungkin bagi yang pacaran bisa menghabiskan waktu bersama... Tapi sayang nya, gue sempet lost interest sama PORAK gara-gara... Menurut gue... Gue disana suka gak tau mesti ngapain. Bilang aja jomblo jadi gaada yang bisa nemenin lo selama PORAK. Yah salah satunya itu deh. Gue dateng kesana kayanya telat banget. Telat. Telat. Jadi sekolah gue punya gor sendiri di suatu jalan, yang menurut gue, gue mesti nguras kesabaran buat nyampe sana.... Karena gue harus bermacet-macetan deket pasar yang ada di sebelah gor sekolah gue. Anehnya, kalau udah lewat tuh pasar, jalan nya langsung lancar. Bete kan. Yaudah terus gue akhirnya ke gor, gue ketemu temen-temen gue disana. Alhamdulillah, gue nyampe sana, gue dapet kabar bagus tentang kelas gue, kelas gue menang basket antar kelas, huhuhu terharu. Terus gue beruntung juga pas gue dateng kesana, tim sepak bola kelas gue juga udah mau mulai main. Jadi ya, gue dateng kesana gue gak mesti nunggu-nunggu ga jelas disana. Dan... Gue kaget.... Si bebeb gue main bola ternyata. Tapi gue sebel soalnya pas malemnya gue nanya dia, bakal main gak besok terus dia jawab engga. Tapi sambil bercanda gitu deh. Taunya... Tadi dia main bola. Haha, sudahlah.

Terus, gue sama temen gue nonton deh pertandingan bola, kelas gue, X3 lawan X7. Gue susah ngasih semangat gitu soalnya gue lagi gak mood buat maceuh tadi. What. Terus yaudah gue liatin si bebeb main bola, dan woooo pake jurus kung fu kayanya.. hahah, I mean, dia pas nolak bola, ditangkis pake dada gitu. Mantep. Apasih gue. Pertandingan berlangsung lancar alhamdulilah, tapi walaupun harus ditutupi dengan tendangan pinalti, dan kelas gue menang lagi! Dapet skor 2-1 akhirnya, berkat pinalti.

Selesai pertandingan bola, rombongan kelas gue pada bubar. Tapi... Sahabat gue, Jasmine, malah nyegat bebeb gue. Ga nyegat sih, like... Nyamperin. Gue tau what she's going through. HAHAHA actually gue udah nge planning ke dia buat semacam nge-introgasi bebeb gue. Yea, I play dirt :P 

Look, kalau kamu mau tau apasih isi hati dia, mending kamu hire orang, terus kamu suruh orang itu buat ngupas segala perasaan orang yang lu keceng, karena udah pasti, dia gaakan jujur kalo ngomong ke lo langsung. Biasanya kalo ada perantara dia pasti bakal ngomong nya panjang-lebar malah sampe semuanya bocor-bocor. Paan tuh? Ya, bisa dibilang, menurut gue, cowo bakal lebih tulus sama jujur kalo ngomong tentang orang yang 'dateng' ke hidup nya ke orang lain selain orang yang datengin itu. Bingung ya? Sama gue juga. Intinya sih gitu. Ya apapun deh. Susah dijelasin menurut gue.

Terus gue liatin temen gue yang lagi introgasi itu dari jauh. Gue menghindari salting dan lain sebagainya, gue langsung bawa kabur temen gue, Ale. Eh, taunya pas di tengah jalan, dia malah disuruh join bareng temen gue sama bebeb gue tadi. Ngerasa gue kaya keset welcome, gue nyari-nyari temen gue yang lain. Terus pas ketemu, gue sok-sokan freak out, pokonya gue tadi undescribeable. Whatever it is. Terus gue liatin temen gue yang lagi introgasi tadi dari jauh. Aduh memang miris, dijadikan kubangan tai dan keset welcome. Terus gue lirik-lirik lagi ternyata udah selesai. Terus gue langsung nyamperin Jasmine sama Ale tadi, untungnya bebeb gue udah ngilang entah ke mana. Terus gue langsung tanya-tanya 'IH LO NANYA APA TADI?' 'DIA BILANG APA TADI?' 'IH WOY GUE MIGREN NIH' 'SAKIT PERUT' setelah gue heboh tadi dan temen gue jawab...

'Maaf lit, kita gabisa ngasih tau, takutnya ga rame lagi. Biar kamu aja cari jawaban sendiri. Kata dia juga let it flow aja' sambil cengegesan.

Sebel ya kalau udah kayak gitu. Memang.

Terus gue rungsing gimana gitu, gue nanya ke Jasmine akhirnya. Biasanya kalau gue lagi riweuh ga jelas gue pasti ngomong pake English. Bukannya sok inggris, tapi ya gue gak tau kenapa kalo freak out lebih enak pake bahasa inggris

Gue: Does he describe me in a good way or in a bad way?
Jasmine: Gak kok, dia ngomongnya baik-baik lit, gaada buruk-burukin kamu
Gue: what did he say to you??
Jasmine: Ya gitu, aku gaboleh kasih tau. Tapi tadi dia kayanya mau ngasih kado ke kamu
Jasmine: iya, dia udah bawa tapi dia gatau ngasih nya ke kamu gimana
Gue: Why don't he ask you to give it to me? Much easier
Jasmine: iya juga ya...

And so many freak out questions using English and rude words :P

Yah, jadi begitulah kawan-kawan cerita hari ini. Panjang dan ga penting yah. So, here's the conclusion:

Gue: Should I give up or continue?
Ale, Jasmine, temen gue satu lagi: LANJUT LIIIIT!!!

Oh, and another one. Last night I was send a video to my class' group. Mirisnya, gue kan bikin video sendiri sedangkan temen gue bikin video berdua sama pacarnya terus Ale post video bareng adenya. Sedangkan gue, video sendiri, satu layar muka gue isinya dan gue di respon:

Lit, kok sendiri?
Kenapa sendiri?
Pantes jomblo. 

Gue mah udah sabar aja, dibilang jomblo sama temen sekelas gue... Terus pas porak juga temen gue:

*nunjuk gue* Jomblo ihhh.... Udah ngasih kode tapi ga peka-peka  

Man, actually having a relationship isn't my goal for today. Jadi gimana yah, gue tuh ngeceng orang tapi entah apa gue belum siap kalo suatu saat nanti gue diminta buat pacaran. 

Sudahlah, let it flow aja. Kata lagu Yellowcard - How I Go:

And you keep the air in my lungs
Floating along as a melody comes
And my heart beats like timpani drums
Keeping the time while a symphony strums
And I'm drying out
Crying out
This isn't how I go
Hurry now
Lay me down
And let these waters flow...
Let it flow
Let it flow

So... The conclusion is...

Menurut gue, mungkin gue sekarang mungkin harus lanjutin apa yang udah gue lakuin. Anyway, gimana pun hasilnya, yaudah mungkin gue emang gak ditakdirin buat bareng sama dia...  mungkin dia emang bukan buat gue. Untuk saat ini, gue liat aja, gue ikutin dia dan ikutin arusnya. Kalaupun emang gue bareng dia, syukur Alhamdulillah. Kalau engga, maybe Allah has warn me that he's not good for me. Well, sorry for this longest-post I've ever posted in this blog. Hahahaha, enjoy the rest of your night!

While I'm writing this, there's a lot inspiring songs from: Imagine Dragons, OneRepublic, and Katy Perry. 

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Hello, world

Wazza!! It's been a long time, eh? Yeshhh so sorry I'm not too active here because school was VERY VERY BUSY and 5 days left for final exam! So tiring and I am TOTALLY freak out.

Anyway in this very very silent-saturday-night with Imagine Dragon's Demons... I finally update my blog... After 4 months :P

Well actually a week ago was my birthday! I'm turning 16 :) and thank you for the greetings from my friends, hehe. For me, that was a special birthday because...

Okay, I think tonight I'll retell you my little birthday party

So... 23 November 2013

Yah jadi tanggal 23 November itu aku ngadain acara ulang taun kecil-kecilan, ya sekedar traktir temen deket aja. Nah, kan gue udah beranjak 16 taun nih ya masa belom ngeceng orang. Gue udah ngeceng orang kok. Tapi gue masih aja dibilang jomblo akut soalnya gue udah di suspect bakal kena harkos lagi. Ya udah, jadi gue ajak temen-temen gue sekitar 6 orang include si bebeb gue. Malem sebelumnya, gue ajak chat si bebeb, isinya ngajak dia makan-makan besok, even though keseluruhan itu chat kayanya modus banget... Tapi ya gak apa-apa gue seneng bisa chat bareng si bebeb. Jadi kurang lebih chat nya gini:

Gue: *nama disamarkan* Besok ricis yu wkwkwk
Si bebeb: Lainna ciwalk lit
Gue: Ricis heula baru ciwalk hahaha, ricis aku bayarin deh hahaha
Si bebeb: Ooooh traktiran ceritana teh.... siaaaplah, jamber?
Gue: Jam 1 wkwkwk
Si bebeb: oooh sipsip menuna bebas teu yeuh?
Gue: bebas kok, mau on fire nih makan fire wings
Si bebeb: Maxna brp yeuh meh urg bisa milih nu mahal
Gue: ya udah max nya 30rb aja hahaha, mau yang mahal aja ih
Si bebeb: Yaa bisi wee bisa diperes dompetna
Gue: Ajir jahat :))
Si bebeb: nya karena org yang berbahagia mudah dipengaruhi

Gue ga bales soalnya ketiduran. Terus besok nya chat dilanjutin nanyain jadi apa engga. Terus gue chat lagi tapi gue males ngetiknya. Pas hari H, gue les dulu. Terus abis les gue jalan deh ke venue, kebetulan venue nya deket sama tempat les gue dan tempatnya depan-depanan sama sekolah gue malah. Sampe di venue ga ada siapa-siapa. Ada sih. Pengunjung. Maksud gue ya temen-temen gue. Ya udah gue tunggu aja. Terus sahabat gue, dateng duluan. Setelah itu baru pacar sahabat gue dateng. Oh ya anyway maaf yah kalau gue engga nyebutin nama, soalnya gue takutnya ga enak di cap 'berani nya di blog aja' because its too disturbing. Terus gue nunggu lamaaaaa banget dan akhirnya temen gue 2 orang dateng. Tinggal si bebeb gue belom dateng-dateng. Duh gue udah mulai cemas *apaan lebay amat*

BAHAHAH lit, kok lo udah bilang kecengan lo dengan sebutan si bebeb sih? emang bakal pasti jadi pacar lo?

Ya belom sih, tapi yah menurut salah seorang motivator pas gue SMP, jika kalian punya impian maka visualisasikan. Ya itu salah satu bentuk visualisasi gue, siapa tau dia emang jadi bebeb gue di masa yang akan datang, jadi dari sekarang mending udah di visualisasikan. Mengenai bakal harkos atau engga nya ya Allah aja yang tau. Kalau emang harkos ya udah derita lo lit mungkin emang lo di takdirin jadi jomblo akut di masa SMA....

Gue sebenernya ga peduli sih mau dapet apa engga si bebeb gue itu. Tapi dengan kehadiran dia ya paling engga hidup gue ga monochrome amat, lah. Ada warna nya dikit.... Menurut gue, ngeceng orang itu tantangan tersendiri, guys. Even tho kalau lo di harkosin sama kecengan itu bakal sakit. Jujur aja sih, gue banyak pengalaman pahit pas ngeceng orang. Gue sempet trauma juga kalau mau kode-kode ke cowo, inginnya cowo duluan yang ke gue tapi helloooo jaman gini ga cewe duluan? Jomblo akut.

Kenapa jadi curhat ke jomblo-an gue? Yaudah lanjuut.

Nah abis itu gue cemas, gue hampir mati gaya soalnya kemaren gue lancar banget modus ke si bebeb ngajakin makan. Tapi kalau dia gak dateng di hari H kan jelas mati gaya. Terus gue disuruh nelpon sama sahabat gue. Tapi gue malu aslinya. Akhirnya gue minta sahabat gue yang nelpon sama ngomong. Gue sumpah itu malu banget kalau udah nyangkut ke kecengan gue. Apalagi pake nelpon segala. Sebenernya gue udah ngirim dia LINE berkali-kali tapi dia gak read juga. Mati gaya kan gue. Yaudah jalan satu-satunya ya nelpon tadi. Telpon juga gak di angkat dan gue beraniin diri buat sms dia.

Gue lagi enak-enak ngobrol sama temen-temen gue yang dateng tadi. Pas gue sama temen-temen gue ngomongin si bebeb.. dan boom... Orang nya dateng. Antara kaget sama mau bilang 'OEMJI YOU'RE MY LIFE SAVER" ya gue seneng banget, ternyata dia mau juga dateng di hari spesial gue. Terus dia pesen makan dan asli dia pesen makanan paling mahal diantara temen-temen gue. Gue sih iklas-iklas aja dia beli makan mahal. Apasih yang gak gue kasih buat kecengan gue? Hari gini cinta ga pake duit? Ya keles.

Habis selesai makan... Acara ulang taun gue ga berhenti sampe selesai makan. Perjalanan di lanjutkan dengan nonton. Perjalanan? Lo kira perjalanan cinta? Ya Amin :p

Tapi temen gue yang satu lagi gak ikut, menyisakan gue, sahabat dan pacar sahabat gue, si bebeb dan teman cowo gue. Kita akhirnya pergi ke mall ngehits di Bandung. Gue sama sahabat plus pacar sahabat gue naik angkot ke mall nya, si bebeb sama temen cowo gue ke sana naik motor. Ya lumayan lah untung jalan ga macet-macet amat pas hari itu.

Terus gue, sahabat + pacar sahabat gue nyampe duluan di mall. Si bebeb sama temen cowo gue belom nyampe, akhirnya gue dan rombongan duo kasmaran ini ke bioskop duluan, nunggu bebeb dan temennya. Sampe di bioskop, gue nelpon temen yang tadi ikut sama si bebeb. Gak lama kemudian si bebeb sms 'Dmn lit?' GILE kata gue. Padahal dia ga pernah save nomor gue, dan tadi juga pas gue liat hp nya dia engga nge save nomor gue. yaudah jangan geer. Mencegah kehabisan tiket, akhirnya gue mutusin buat antri sendiri. Sahabat sama pacarnya sahabat gue malah berdiri di belakang berdua. Pas gue asik ngantri, taunya si bebeb udah di sebelah gue aja -_- yaudah akhirnya gue ngantri tiket berdua bareng si bebeb. Di antrian itu terjadi conversation yang cukup lama. Tapi gue heran ke mana temen yang bareng si bebeb tadi.

Gue: Loh si *nama di sensor* ke mana?
Si bebeb: Tadi cuma dadah terus bilang 'eh urang balik duluan yah'
Gue: hah parah hahahaha hina *ketawa*
Si bebeb: teuing si eta *nyengir*

Dan kita berdua ngantri tiket. Itu tuh such a precious time bagi gue. Apaan sih. Ya intinya seneng aja berasa udah pacaran tapi gue kan gak pacaran. Abis ngantri gue realize gue cuma ber 4 sama sahabat-pacar sahabat, gue dan si bebeb. Di benak gue nyadar 'LOH INI SIH DOUBLE DATE.' Mau dibilang double date juga engga, da gue kan bukan pacarnya si bebeb. Mau bilang kambing conge nya sahabat gue... Ya bisa jadi.

Aduh maaf banget gue gak bisa lanjutin ceritanya. Masih panjang, beneran. Bukannya gue males, tapi mata gue udah berat banget. Mungkin next time bakal gue lanjutin. Janji deh.

See ya guys

Yours Truly,