Sunday, 21 September 2014

Event Report: Abstrak VI, Astronomy Domain

HELLO PEOPLE! So yesterday was very insaaaaaaaaaane! Yes, it was Abstrak VI: Astronomy Domain, "The sky is no longer the limit". For those who asked "what is Abstrak?" Well this is the biggest event that held by Taruna Bakti Senior High School students, and it only held once in four years.

Abstrak VI flyer/poster.

Yes, it located on my school's sport field. Which is soooooooo big! And anyway, I bought the presale ticket so it didn't cost much money :p. The gate opened at 10.00 am, but because I need to got into the course first, so I late to went there. I went there at 2 p.m and arrived in there at 3 p.m I guess? Because of traffic jam and also I'm using public transportation too. But, when I saw the performer's schedule on Instagram, I guess I didn't late because starts from 3.10 p.m, the sensation of the guess stars' are coming! Here the schedule: 


So, when I arrived there it was Moustache and Beard who was performing. But before I felt the atmosphere of astronomy on my school's sport field... I need to trade my presale ticket first on the ticket box then the crew put this on my hand:

Then after that, I went to the upstairs but first the security crew body checked me and they took my Fitbar snack which was so sad because I need that in case I was really hungry, but then, ah, never mind. Take mine. Then, I went into a tunnel, which was a very good start... That was a cool tunnel anyway! I felt like I was on my way to the galaxy. lol. Then... After that, I met my friends there which most of them were the crews. But because when I reached there the rain was falling, I went to the cafe bazaar and I bought drink first. Oh anyway, this is the view of Abstrak's stage:

Then, it was 4 p.m and Dhira Bongs was on stage! The performer before her was Trou. But I was on another side of the field, so I didn't see them. She sang for about four songs, she was covering 2 songs and she also sang her own songs. Her voice was very very sweet and also charming. I like it when she sang "Bingung"

Sweet and charming Dhira Bongs on stage!

After Dhira Bongs, then it's time for.. Stere-Owl!! That's the very own Taruna Bakti's dance group. Which three of my closest friends are the member of it. I didn't take any pic/video when they performed because I was too busy to shouted "BABAAAAAA!", "ECHAAAAA!" or "ALEEEEEE!" Yep, my friend, Navissa who also known as Baba, she performed a dance with her five partners. She danced and accompanied by Justin Timberlake's song, also, my friend, Naufal who also known as Echa, he was dancing along with his partner, Mojo (Rafii). They danced and accompanied by Barbie Girl song and Party Rock Anthem song. They were sooo insane! Their dance moves were so cool but also funny at the same time. Then, my friend Alesya, who also known as Ale, she performed as a solo dancer, and her dancing moves were SOOOOO AMAZING AND POWERFUL! I really adore her, big time. It was like.. She was very different on stage. She was just like a professional dancer on the stage. Then, Stereowl members continued their performance, and it was my classmate, Alika, she was performing Ariana Grande's Problem dancing moves, which is very sweet and cute! Me and my friends who were on the front row, shouted on "I got one less problem without you!" part. That was so insane, until I almost lose my voice but thank God, I still have my voice.

Stereowl out from stage, then it's time for The Milo! But unfortunately, I wasn't on the venue, because I started to exploring the other side of the sport field. And this is what it looks like:

That was Kora-kora or, we could say... Giant swing. I didn't try it because I think I have to queued for a long time, because so many people who also wanted to try i. So, I decided to just saw it from distance, yea, like this. I only took the photo of it. Lol.

After The Milo, it's time for Kebelet Teater to performing. And ugh I hate to say it again but I wasn't on the venue because I went to the cafe bazaar to bought some foods and drinks. Then I went back to the venue. And yeah, I met my boyfriend too. I haven't seen him for 2 days, anyway. I finally met him yesterday :D Thank God I could spend my time there with my boyfriend. Actually my boyfriend also a crew, but maybe his task has done.. So he could accompany me at night. Well, yeah, actually when The Milo performing, my boyfriend accompanied me too, but just for a while and I didn't know where he was going. Then I met him again right before Very Hot is coming to the stage.

It's time for Very Hot to perform!! This is also Taruna Bakti's very own choir. They just like a Glee club on my school, but they were just very amazing. They sang for about four songs. I forgot what the title of the song that they sang, I only remember they sang Bohemian Rhapsody. That was a very cool and amazing performance! Later, in the end of their performance, about 6 members did a skill performance. They were vocalizing from mid-note until high-note, but it sounds like they shouting, but in a melodic way, I don't know how to say, but THAT WAS SO INSANE AND COOL!! I wish I could had a voice like them..

Then, it's time for Sore to perform. They sang "Pergi Tanpa Pesan" and other songs. Me and my boyfriend.. because we were too tired, we end up sat at the corner of the field, and we saw Sore performing from distance. We were too much standing before.. So yeah. After Sore, it's time for Seringai! Well, well, it really turns me up. Lol. But because my boyfriend said he wanted to sit on a chair, so we went to the cafe bazaar again and we sat there and watched Seringai's performance from projector which connected to the camera in front of the stage. After we sat for a while, we went again to the venue. And we watched Seringai until they finished their performance. It was very hype there. So many audience which also a fan of Seringai are very loud when Seringai performed. 

Last two performers, The House Bangers with Fashion Show Taruna Bakti and Dipha Barus! BUT I REALLY SAD TO SAY....... I WENT HOME IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HOUSE BANGERS' PERFORMANCE WHICH IS VERY VERY SAD. And I couldn't watch Dipha Barus too of course, but because my brother has give his spare time to pick me up, then what would I do? I really should go home. Ugh. But actually,  I still at the field when The House Bangers came up. I kinda danced through the music for a while, lol. It was so haceeeeep. But then, I went home. Bye.

By the way, lol, my event report was very unclear, isn't it? Yea, sorry, but I just wanted to tell you about what I've experienced yesterday. Because this is the first time I went to the biggest event of my school, but when I tried to enjoy it to the very end, I need to go home. But, I wish I could do an event report again with a complete report, of course. Because I am a starter so yeah, sorry, guys. And I quite enjoyed my time at there. I could spend my time with my friends and also my boyfriend, which is very priceless and precious. Anyway, enjoy the rest of your day.

Any comments please put in the comment box.

See ya in another post.


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

ssup people!

HA! IT'S BEEN 1 MONTH NOT UPDATING MY BLOG HAHAH anyway, hello people. Being sooo busy lately and I don't have Wi-Fi or modem at my house, and my dad finally went home which means I can use his modem. How's your days, people? Mine? Hmm... Nothing special happen. Still, even though there's someone that came to my life, but my life is STILL monochrome. Well, he probably colored my day on the first four months in our relationship, but lately, my life become monochrome, again.

As you know, after that opening paragraph on my post.. Most of them talking about my on-off-on-off boyfriend. And yes, now I gotta write about how I feel in this past 2 months. Kinda like.. This is a note of my heart. Lol, it sounds like a famous Indonesian TV series, isn't it? 

So, yeah. It's been almost 6 months I dating him. Well, next week, on 23rd September.. Me and him exactly 6 months. Anyway, if you asked me how I met him.. Let me tell you a story. So, the first time I saw him, about one year ago.. It was in August. He was in the same group with me for school's orientation period. Or, Indonesian people used to called it as 'MOS'. At the end of the event, he sent me a message, well.. it seemed like he wanted to being so friendly. And to be honest, I didn't really remember him as my group partner. Then, in the time being, we started to send messages everyday, share anything, talking about our crush.. Everything seems to be soooo fine. But then, at 19th of March, his intensity of send me a message is getting higher. I don't know what it means, but.. I just respond it. Then, he sent me.. Like.. Such a code? Lol, teenager these days loves to send 'codes' to their crushes. Don't care about their crush's respond, they will probably send the code until the target realized what the code means. Back to the topic, then I was so shocked when he obviously said that he liked me since I talked about someone that I like ( that boy was his friend too) and he said, the only thing he can do is just being silence and keep his feelings to me on his heart. Then, 23rd of March, around.. 9 pm? He called me and he asked me if I could be his girlfriend. And yes, I answered 'I do.'

The first month until the fourth month, everything seems to be fine, and yeah... We're kinda a lovey-dovey couple at that time. I was so happy because he always supports me, sometimes his words when we talking on instant messaging were sooooo sweet and I just couldn't handle it, we always chatted after school, we always share anything, he also responded every single thing I said to him. Actually, there's a lot of things that I've done with him but I just can't type it one by one, lol:p

But, everything changed after we went to the fifth month. He turned 180 degrees from the last 4 months. He's just soooooooooooooo really cold.. until now. I don't know exactly the reason why he being like this, and it started to makes me sad and sooo much speculations in my brain. You know that you have to be positive thinking if anything happened, I've tried that, but it didn't work. This is just killing me slowly. This is just so un-describe-able feelings. All I can do is just spreading my feelings by listened to a song, post anything galau-themed on my social networks. We already had so much debate lately, talking about our relationship and how to solve it, but I feel like, it didn't effect anything. To be honest, I just can't let go of him. And fyi, he kinda irritated if I posted anything sad-themed status on my Timeline. But, I just can't handle my feelings anymore, I'm an expressive person so I need to spread out how I feel, anywhere. And, because he didn't like it if I posted something sad-themed on my Timeline, then I could just go to my blog and write anything I want and how I really feel.

Yes, I'm feeling sooooooooooooo sad. Sad to death. He's really making me scared and sad to death. But I just can't let go of him, because I believe that someday he probably will back like the way it was. I know it's just not fair when he said I became more fierce when I met him at school and he also said 'maybe it's because of me, so you being like that' but then, when I tried to talk with him, he seems like he don't want to talk with me. Then he just looking at me for a few seconds then we only talked a few words, then he act like he doesn't want me to be around him. THIS IS JUST REALLY CONFUSING. I DO HATE THIS FEELING. I know that some people may say I better end my relationship with him, but I JUST CAN'T DO IT. I KNOW THERE'S SOMETHING TO DO SO WE CAN HAVE A GOOD RELATIONSHIP AGAIN. 

Oh my gosh. This is just so complicated and sorry, my emotions just blew up and I couldn't handle it.

Somehow those lyrics really describes how I feel when he act like he don't care about me, or when he's being so cold or maybe when he made me feel so sad.

I'm gonna love ya
Until you hate me
And I'm gonna show ya
What's really crazy
You should've known better
Than to mess with me, honey

You used to be thirsty for me
But now you wanna be set free
This is the web, web that you weave
So baby now rest in peace 
—Black Widow, Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora

Go all the way
Have your fun, have it all
This will take you down
Get through the days
Do you your thing, do it well
This will take you down.

I’ll pull the trick if I want to
I’ll pull the trick and it comes true
I’m chewing gum and it’s killing you
We’re getting dead and it’s the right way to do it
I see you happy in the front seat
I see you with all of your front teeth
You’re allergic but you never said
We’re getting dead and it’s the right way
—No Better, Lorde

Pills and potions
We're overdosing
I'm angry but I still love you
Pills and potions
We're overdosing
Can't stand it, but I still love you

I still love, I still love
I still love, I still love
I still lo-o-ove, I still love
I still love, I still love
I still love, I still love
 — Pills N Potions, Nicki Minaj

Do you know where your love is?
Do you think that you lost it?
You felt it so strong, but
Nothing’s turned out how you wanted

Well, bless my soul
You’re a lonely soul
Cause you won’t let go
Of anything you hold
 —Say All I Need, OneRepublic

Just give me a reason
Just a little bit's enough
Just a second we're not broken just bent
And we can learn to love again
It's in the stars
It's been written in the scars on our hearts
We're not broken just bent
And we can learn to love again
—Just Give Me a Reason, P!NK  

Nobody said it was easy
It's such a shame for us to part
Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be this hard
Oh, take me back to the start.

I was just guessing at numbers and figures
Pulling your puzzles apart
Questions of science, science and progress
Do not speak as loud as my heart

Tell me you love me, come back and haunt me
Oh and I rush to the start
Running in circles, chasing our tails
Coming back as we are
—The Scientist, Coldplay

When you try your best, but you don't succeed
When you get what you want, but not what you need
When you feel so tired, but you can't sleep
Stuck in reverse

And the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can't replace
When you love someone, but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?
—Fix You, Coldplay

I guess this is what it's supposed to feel like
No, we don't talk, no, we don't talk, we don't talk anymore.
I guess this is what it's supposed to sound like
The universe, the universe, universe is torn.

No I never get used to silence
But I don't hear, no, I don't hear, I don't hear you anymore.
I know I had to look hard to find it
Everything, everything, everything is gone
 —Can't Stop, OneRepublic

I know what you're thinking
But darling you're not thinking straight
Sadly things just happen.... we can't...... explain

It's not even light out
Suddenly, you've somewhere to be
No hesitation
mmm...I've never seen you like this
Your scaring me, Youre scaring me,
Your scaring me to death
—The Moment I Said It, Imogen Heap

I was there for you
In your darkest times
I was there for you
In your darkest nights

But I wonder where were you?
When I was at my worst
Down on my knees
And you said you had my back
So I wonder where were you?
When all the roads you took came back to me

So I’m following the map that leads to you
The map that leads to you
Ain't nothing I can do
The map that leads to you
Following, following, following to you 
—Maroon 5, Maps

That's how much I love you (as much as I need you)
That's how much I need you (oh..)
That's how much I love you (oh..)
As much as I need you

And I hate that I love you so
And I hate how much I love you boy
I can't stand how much I need you (can't stand how much I need you)
And I hate how much I love you boy
But I just can't let you go (but I just can't let you go no..)
And I hate that I love you so
—Hate That I Love You, Rihanna ft. Ne-Yo

What now? I just can't figure it out
What now? I guess I'll just wait it out (wait it out)
What now? Oh, oh, oh, oh! What now?

I found the one, he changed my life
But was it me that changed
And he just happened to come at the right time
I'm supposed to be in love
But I'm numb again

There's no one to call 'cause I'm just playing games with them all
The more I swear I'm happy, the more that I'm feeling alone
'Cause I spent every hour just going through the motions
I can't even get the emotions to come out
—What Now, Rihanna

So many, isn't it? Well yeah, that's typical of sad person. Post anything. Copied lyrics. Lol. Well, yeah. It's good I still can write on my blog. This is such a pain reliever. Much better than ever. Thanks to read out what I thought. Hope you guys have a happy relationship with your boyf/girlf, and if you had a problem, hope it will get better soon.



Saturday, 2 August 2014

Hello, fellas.

Hi!! It's been 2 weeks I'm not updating my blog -,- sorry... Because my laptop was in maintenance for a week so I couldn't post something here. Anyway, Happy Ied Mubarak 1435 Hijr! May Allah bless us always, and forgive me if I have a mistake seen or unseen. Hmm nothing happened while I'm not with my PC lol. My holiday is still remain the same. But....... on Tuesday, I had a trip to Central Java!!

So, Ied Mubarak is on 28 July. And because my brother is on holiday too, he wanted to had a trip to somewhere. So, he planned to had a trip to Central Java by himself, but my father said it's better to had a trip together along with family. Then, on 29 July at 5 a.m, we started the trip. Our first destination is Purwodadi. Placed in northern Central Java. It was a looong trip, because we had a traffic jam in Comal Bridge which was damaged. We stuck in there for about 2 hours because of the heavy traffic jam. Then, we finally reached the destination on 9.30 p.m.

Day 2, in Purwodadi. I had a breakfast then I took a bath, dressed up and we headed to Kradenan. I've been there last year, in December, you can see the pic on my Google+, I didn't took a pic in Kradenan because I've took it last year lol :p and I'm too lazy to type actually. Sorry. In Kradenan, my father visited his old friends. Then, we headed to Surakarta or as known as Solo. I don't know if I ever been there.. But, well I'm so excited because it's my boyfriend's hometown :p which is why when my parents allowed us to went to Solo, I was really excited. We went to Solo via Sragen, it's a city before Solo, where my boyfriend stayed there. We reached to the hotel, placed near center of the city. After we checked in and took a rest, we planned to walk around the town to find a dinner. We walked from hotel to Galabo, it's like a food market. There's so many traditional food truck that you can found. We walked like for an hour? Maybe. Because I felt so tired after I reached Galabo. And I was starving. We found a food truck that served Bakmi Jawa, well this is my family's favorite food. I don't know what's the name of that food truck but it placed in the corner of Galabo, so you need to walk until there and you will find food truck which served bakmi Jawa. I ordered Bakmi Godhok, it's like boiled noodle but in Javanese style, it's different from any other noodles, you know. It has their special taste. I can taste the traditional ingredients on their gravy. After we ate, we walked back to the hotel. I took a bath, dressed up for sleep then... I sleep.

Day 3, in Solo. We went to Orion Mandarijn, one of the famous bakery shop in Solo which sell the famous lapis malang. It's like a sponge cake, but I don't know, there's a special thing in that cake. Maybe because it's one and only available in Solo, or maybe the taste of that cake which can made us wanted to go back to Solo. After we shopped a lot of souvenir--which almost all of them are foods, we went back to Bandung. And, of course, we had a traffic jam again at Comal Bridge. Finally I reached home exactly on 12.01 a.m, Friday 1 August.

Well, it's not really a wonderful trip because we avoid huge traffic jam because it was a Ied holiday and of course, a lot of people who wanted to back to their hometown. I wish I could had a trip again to Central Java because it's always my favorite destination to have a trip with my family.

Oh and anyway 2 days again school is starting. AND I HAVE A LOT OF ASSIGNMENTS. AND I HAVEN'T DONE IT YET. LOL. I wish I could survive again on my new class.. errrr.

Bye, enjoy your last days of your holiday.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Hi people, how's your school days? Is it awesome or nah? Well, mine.. quite good. I kinda can adapt with my new class even though sometimes I complain it again. My classmates are totally different with me...... So, here's a thing. You could say I'm the loudest person when you meet me. Because I can't stop talking and making noises. Also my friends say, I'm the funniest person because of my Sundanese-accent which is stick with me every time I told stories to them. Which is why, they can't stop laughing when I irritated or complaining something with Sundanese. Well, I can say... Maybe that's my specialty in everyone's eyes.

Anyway, I kinda ashamed with my classmates because, hmm yesterday, my math teacher wasn't come because he had to go to Riau. Then, he gave us task to do then should collect it after Ied Fitr holiday. He gave us for about 40 questions of math to do. Because of that, I thought 'Meh this is for holiday, right? Gotta do it on holiday.' Then I chatted with my three best friends. But then, when I looked around my class, they did the task. And I'm like... Okay, so.. I made noises with my friends while my classmates did the homework for holiday. So ashamed, you know. It's totally different from what I experienced when I was in 10th grade. You know, when I was in 10th grade, when teacher gave us task, my classmates DIDN'T do it. We played all along the free time. Oh, my.. I felt like I really don't deserve in this class because I'm a very LAZY person you know. I only did a task when I wanted to. Just, ah really... See, I'm the laziest person, right?

My school problems are so weird, right? I'm lazy but people around me are sooooooooo diligent.

And anyway yesterday I was happy too because I could talk with my boyfie after school which is boosting my mood.


Oh, and anyway.. Gah, today is the first day I studied Biology with that new curriculum which labelled as 'student-centered curriculum' so, at first, my teacher made a game which we're gonna mixed up with my another classmates to make a group, well maybe her purpose is making student more socialize with each other. So, I'm in a group that contains with two person that have a very brilliant brain. And finally I could socialize with new friends too. My teacher gave us some kind of worksheet about cell. There's a lot of blanks that we must fill it. We can search the answer on the book. But..... There's so many things which not included in text book. And..... I think.. From now.. I must study with my lovely PC to find everything which not included in my text book. Well, I know this is very disturbing and yeah... complicated. Because once I touched my PC, I can't stop to use it. I may spend my study time-with-pc by opened social networks, opened my fav website or... Writing on my blog. Really different from last year's curriculum because everything I need was included on the text book.

Huh, so many things that I complained, right? That's school. I wish I could still survive tomorrow. And not feel sleepy again because today I was very sleepy you know!

Gotta go, a lot of things to do.


Friday, 11 July 2014

hehe, this is about you.

you colored up my day
you bring happiness
even though you made me irritated because of your harsh attitude
but i still love you.
you make me feel like, i'm the luckiest girl in this world to having you
you make me feel so special in your eyes
you make me feel like i'm a girl. more than just an ordinary girl.
your hot and your cold, even though sometimes i can't take it, but, i try to be patience
even though you can be very considerate, but sometimes you can be like 'i don't care'
when i feel down, you can make me feel up again, beside my best friends.
you can be the funniest person
or you can be the scariest person... when you can't control your anger
i believe in you
even though sometimes negative-thinking-habit comes up
i love you
you tell me that you really love me
i love you more
i wish i could stay with you
you tell me to stay with you forever
i wish i could stay with you on my entire life. for now, or later
dude, i never been so in love like this. even though we have a little fight just because a little mistake, but, little fight taught me to be more mature, how to respect each other, etc. just... pretend like little fight is a lesson for both of us, don't take it too serious..... well, i hope so.

i love you. so much.

Hi, people. We met again.

Hi, people. Long time not update my blog like for about 3 months? lol, sorry. May-June were so busy months.. Then in the end of June, my internet was down so I couldn't open my blog and update it. Ergh internet connection is really bad these days. Anyway, my last post. About my trip to Cililin, right? So sorry I can't continue the story because too lazy to type it muahahahahahah. Well, I'm gonna post it again someday....

So, yesterday was the first day of school. Now I'm in 11 grade of high school. It's getting closer to the college ya know! I must be more diligent, more effort, and of course, let go of that laziness-- bahahahah even though I know, I wouldn't let go that bad habit of me.

Hmm, so here's a thing. I kinda feel uncomfortable with my new class. I'm in 11-2, yea. 2. Which means, in my school, number 2 means that class is such.. a very special class? Why do I call that? Karena, dari pengamatan gue, kelas 11-2 itu isinya anak-anak yang ranking nya 1-5 di kelasnya dan yang punya rata-rata nilai rapor kelas 10 nya diatas 80. Well, I'm one of it. Jadi, gue... Masuk kelas unggulan itu. Awalnya gue stres banget pas gue tau gue masuk kelas unggulan. Ya, lu bayangin aja. Gue, yang segini males banget buat belajar tau-tau gue mesti ketemu sama orang yang punya kemampuan otak yang diatas gue. It's obviously, I feel like... I don't deserve to be there. I feel like I want to go out from there. Take me out of there. Menurut gue, di kelas ini, orang-orang di dalemnya pasti punya ambisi yang sama: ngejar jalur undangan, dapet nilai bagus, bertahan di si kelas yang punya embel-embel unggulan itu. Ketika hari pertama gue belajar, itu pelajaran Biologi dan guru absen tiap anak satu-satu sambil ia bertanya "Dari kelas 10 apa? Rencana kuliah mau dimana?" dan, hasilnya, sebagian besar anak di kelas gue itu jawab "Kedokteran." Cuma gue sama temen gue satu orang doang yang jawab "Psikologi." Kebayang, kan, sebagian besar milih Kedokteran, pastinya mereka bakal berlomba-lomba buat ngeraih nilai semaksimal mungkin buat dapetin si jalur undangan masuk Kedokteran itu.

Kasarnya, gue minder masuk kelas unggulan. Iya, gue minder. Dulu gue pernah masuk semacam kelas unggulan gini pas kelas 9A. Gue ngerasa ya gue ga pantes buat masuk kelas unggulan itu. Kenapa? Menurut gue, anak-anak dikelas unggulan itu macem-macem tapi tujuan mereka ya sama. Cuma, ada orang yang bener-bener ambisi mau dapet nilai bagus dan sampai-sampai dia punya sifat perfeksionis yang menurut gue udah kelebihan. Ada anak yang terlalu rajin. Ada juga anak yang biasa-biasa aja, ya kayak gue ini. Sama hal nya kaya gue di kelas 11-2 ini. Gue termasuk anak yang biasa-biasa aja menurut gue. Untung nya doang gue ikut-ikutan jadi rajin aja gara-gara gaul sama temen sekelas gue. Ya cuma gue agak gak nyaman dan gak suka aja soalnya gue anaknya terlalu woles, dan bener-bener cuek tentang sekolah. Sedangkan temen-temen gue tuh rajin, kerajinan malah.

Kenapa gue bilang kayak gini? Soalnya, pas kelas 10 gue masuk kelas yang isinya menurut gue adil, lah. Ada yang emang pinter, rajin, biasa aja, sampai yang bener-bener woles dan tenang. Istilah gue sih, slow but sure. Gue seneng banget di kelas 10 gue itu. Gue bisa rada tenang sedikit soalnya lingkungan gue nya juga gak menekan gue buat berlomba-lomba untuk nilai bagus. Kalo nilai jelek, ya gue punya temen senasib. You'll never remedial alone. Tapi kalau di kelas unggulan, remedial tuh kayanya serasa akhir dunia soalnya malu, kan, temen sekelas lu nilai nya diatas lu sedangkan lu nilai nya jauh dibawah mereka. Itu salah satu hal yang gue takutin.

Gue gak tau mesti seneng apa kagak. Gue lagi berusaha betah sama kelas gue ini. Gue lagi berusaha berjalan di on track gue sendiri untuk survive di kelas ini.

Semoga aja seiring jalannya waktu, gue bisa kebiasa sama kelas tipe beginian lagi sampe satu tahun kedepan. I hope so.


Friday, 11 April 2014

Duemila Sedici: Trip to Cililin 2014 - Day 1, 17th March 2014.

hi hi people!! how's your day? mine? awesome :p well, not too monochrome like past eheh because now there's someone who just came into my life :D you know what it means.... hahah never mind. yeaaa the point is, i think now i'm feeling better since i know him ok. ok :p

anyway.... i promised to give you a report about my field trip, right? well, here it is. hmm i'm gonna tell it with my mother language :P yeah, indonesian or maybe i'm gonna use english a little bit. here it is :

jadi... 3 minggu yang lalu, sekolah gue ada acara namanya Field Trip. nah, tujuannya sekarang itu ke desa wangunsari, cililin yang tepatnya ada di kabupaten bandung barat. disana, gue bakal stay 3 hari bareng ayah sama ibu angkat dari sana. dan gue feel like locals in there :p di hari pertama ini diawali dengan.... gue siap-siap dari jam setengah 4 subuh kalau ga salah. sebelumnya dari jauh-jauh hari, sama ka winny, fasilitator kelompok gue udah ingetin buat dateng ke sekolah pokonya sampe sana harus jam setengah 6 atau ga kalo lebih bagus, lebih baik dateng jam 5 juga. tapi yah ortu gue sih, break the rules, sekitar jam setengah 6 gue baru sampai di sekolah. ternyata pas gue sampe sekolah, udah penuh aja. temen-temen gue udah nunggu di deket pos satpam sekolah gue. dan gue liat ke sekitar gue, bawaan mereka banyak banget. dan gue bingung sendiri, apa cuma gue disini yang bawaannya dikit dan tas gue kayanya ringan? fyi, gue cuma bawa baju 5 atau 6 baju sama pasangannya (you know what i mean) dan itu ada di dalem satu tas baju dan tas ransel gue isinya cuma sleeping bag, alat-alat penting lainnya, sama makanan doang. sampe temen gue yang liat bawaan gue cuma segitu dibilang 'lit, bawaan lu kaya banyak tapi kok pinter ngepack nya sih' ya jujur aja, gue orang nya suka yang fleksibel dan cepet jadi ya gue packing nya dibantuin ibu gue, dan alhamdulilah gue gak merasa berat tuh dengan bawaan segitu. nah, abis kumpul bareng temen-temen gue, akhirnya gue sama temen-temen gue menuju bis yang tepatnya ada di jalan samping sekolah gue. ya ga jauh-jauh amat, lah. ortu gue bantuin gue bawa tas baju gue dan jalan bareng gue, nemenin gue.

gue sama temen gue nyari-nyari nama kita di daftar nama bis. gue sama temen-temen gue yang bisa dibilang kaya batalyon mau perang... yah jadi ceritanya, karena dulu sempet ada ngerombak bis, gue langsung tulis nama temen-temen kelas gue yang jumlah nya lebih dari 10 orang kalo gak salah, alhasil, di bis 2, bis yang gue tumpangin sampe cililin dan sebaliknya, dipenuhin sama anak-anak x3, kelas gue tercinta.

daaan, gue sama mine, udah booking tempat duduk paling belakang. yang cowo, kayak wisnu, kevin dimas, kresna duduk di belakang. yang cewe.. di bangku yang seat nya 3 sama 2. gue sih pasti sama mine. terus depan gue ada sekar, irin, alifa. sebelah seat gue ada ale sama ghina, depan mereka ada nadine, terus, bangku sebelah nadine ada chacha sama widhiya. surely, we rule the backseat :p andddd of course, we're the most noisy passenger in that bus, lol.

kita berangkat jam setengah 7. ngaret banget dari jadwal aslinya, yang berangkat dari bandung jam 6, but no, it wasn't. yah, sepanjang jalan sih gitu-gitu aja, paling yang cowo-cowo kelas lain yang duduk di depan rada ripuh malah pindah ke belakang buat main bareng cowo-cowo x3 yang duduk di belakang. well, anyway here are the pics while we're on bus :D


a-very-x3-moodbooster-trio: wisnu, dimas, kevin

yea its me :|

setelah menempuh perjalanan kurang lebih 3 atau 4 jam, gue lupa, soalnya gue sambil nutup mata dikit-dikit sih, akhirnya nyampe juga. tapiiii, ternyata, perjalanan kita masih jauh. kita harus naik pick up buat nyampe ke desa nya. daaaaan this is the first time in forever gue naik mobil bak terbuka, no safety. cuma duduk aja dipinggir mobil bak. rasanya tuuuuh kaya naik roller coaster dan medan jalan buat menuju desa itu tuh gilaaaaaaak abis. ada yang nanjak lah, turun nya terjal banget, berbatu, bikin pantat gue sakit intinya. nah, ini nih gue abadiin di suatu video instagram gue:

yah kan, liat tuh, ribet banget kita hahahahaha. kurang lebih kaya gitu suasana pas lagi naik pick up. IT WAS CRAYYYYYYZEEEEH!!! nah abis naik pick up, akhirnya nyampe juga di desa wangunsari!!! huft after 30 minutes di ujung tanduk pick up...

we took our belongings dan ka winny langsung nunjukin rumah kita dimana, untungnya, rumah kita gak jauh amat dari tempat pick up tadi berhenti. yah, alhamdulillah kita beruntung banget dapet rumah yang pas di deket spanduk 'Trip to Cililin 2K14'. nah, housemate gue ada... ale, mine, alifa, sekar, dan ghina. habis turun dari pick up, kita langsung masuk ke rumah yang bakal kita stay, dan ternyata nama ibu angkat kita namanya ibu martiani dan bapak utay. pas kita nyampe sana, bu martiani lagi ngasuh cucu nya, namanya de rapi. setelah kenalan sama bu martiani, kita beresin barang bawaan kita ke kamar yang udah disediain. terus sempet ada kabar dari ka winny kalau kita bakal ke Curug Gawang jam 3 sore, tapi ternyata, cuaca berkata lain... dan turun lah hujan. Anyway, pas lagi hujan itu kita beli baso yang lewat. sure, we can't contain our excitement pas tukang baso lewat. we surely love bakso SO MUCH. di hari pertama sih no such a thing happened, karena seharian hujan, dari kita nyampe sampai malem. but we took some pics waktu sebelum hujan... oh but anyway before that, the boys sempet mampir ke rumah kita dan bawa temen-temen baru! here it is:

hanging out with a kid from the village :P

me with that NO word tee. beside me: alifa-jasmine-alesya-ghina and in front: sekar

malamnyaaa kita diskusi buat bikin semacam laporan gitu. yah repot banget deh pokonya, ada aja sih perbedaan pendapat tapi akhirnyaaa yah jadi juga laporannya walaupun selesainya agak mepet.

well, for me nothing happened on day 1 karena hujan kita jadi gak bisa kemana-mana and all we had to do was just stay at home. anyway last pic on this post:

groupie ;)


daaan sebagai akhir penutup report day 1, the boys left our house about 8.30pm. abis itu kita solat, makan malem, and...... sleep.

okay that's all for day 1, anyway i'll be back soon for field trip report day 2.

yours truly,
lita :)